Application of AI and DS: Foundation of the 4th Industrial Revolution and Smart Manufacturing

The international conference named “Introducing some recent research related to the applications of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science” took place at Dong A University on December 19.

The international conference is an annual forum of researchers, practitioners, lecturers and managers in the field of data science to exchange academic knowledge, experience of application and seek multilateral collaboration, cooperation.

Through the conference, participants will promote multifaceted cooperation based on the strengths of each member in training and scientific research, especially in sharing innovations and transferring highly applicable technologies in the fields of research.

In his presentation “Cusum control charts for the coefficient of variation with measurement errors”, Professor Cedric Heuchenne of Liege University (Belgium) shared the method of finding unsual things in industrial manufacturing.

The report of Dr. Nguyen Huu Du on “Applications of AI in smart manufacturing and healthcare” introduced some applications of AI algorithms in smart manufacturing and healthcare. Du also presented two case studies which are the application of Long Short-term memory network, unsual findings in supply chain and application of Convolution Neuron Network to monitor real-time production process.

Also attending the conference, Dr. Nguyen Phong Son provided an overview on the development and application of AI in the world as well as discuss the state of development, research, training in the field of AI in Vietnam generally and Da Nang particularly.

The presentation of Dr. Do Sinh – Dean of IT Department of Dong A University is a research related to the development of 5th generation network (5G). Recently, a number of 5G network structures have been proposed. However, most of these architectures are closed and monopoly, such as Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia. Sinh summarized all open architectures for 5th generation mobile networks based on two main technologies including Software Defined Network (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) which are the main technologies to build 5G.

The Q&A session of the conference took place enthusiastically when the authors openly discussed the need for a well-organized and scientifically-organized training program in the field of AI to produce a high-quality engineers serving the need of the society.