Assoc. Prof. Anh Tuan Mai ⭐

Senior Lecturer at Vietnam National University, Hanoi


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anh Tuan Mai
Senior lecturer at VNU University of Engineering and Technology.

Associate Professor Anh-Tuan Mai has worked for Hanoi University of Science and Technology for almost 18 years in a field of materials science for biosensor and biomedical application. He’s spent 3 years in Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park to build and operated the Microfabrication Laboratory and Pilot Plant Center. He also works as a senior industrial consultant and an expert at Vietnam Industrial Agency (VIA) to support the local companies (mechanical, electronics).
By employing the research results into life, he and his team have been standing with the medical staffs of the country during the waves of the pandemic in the last three years. He’s learnt a lot from persons to whom he supports; and naturally he widened a network of expertise that in turn support him in development of medical product. In this proposed project, he could manage to invite experts in medical, electronics, AI and biomechanics from hospitals, institutions, and company in Vietnam and abroad to join.
He has published more than 60 articles (h-index = 19; i10-index = 28). Besides, his publications, he also received awards and honors, include:

- 2021: Certificate of the Vietnam Journalists’ Association in 16th top 10 outstanding science and technology events in Vietnam in 2021 for “Cooling Vest for Medical Staff against the COVID-19”.
- 2020: Certificate of Merit from the Minister of Science and Technology for “achievements in research and manufacturing of robots and non-contact patient screening systems to be against the Covid-19.
- 2020: Certificate of Merit from the Central Commission of Propaganda and Training for achievements in research.
- 2017: Typical case, recognized by The British Council in Vietnam for the project entitled “Enhancements of High-Quality Human Resources and Employability for Vietnam in Design and Development of High-value Added Products, Innovation and Entrepreneurship”.
- ​2005: Best award at International for Scientific and Technology Instrument Training Course, Hsinchu Science Park, TAIWAN.

Title: Robust assessment of obstructive sleep apnea at home: socioeconomic considerations in low- and middle-income countries


Early diagnosis of OSA and propose suitable therapies for the patients has been an interest of number companies. Polysomnography (PSG) has been used as a gold standard for evaluation of sleep apnea/hypena so far. However, the PSG test requires one to go to a sleep laboratory and stay overnight for an entire test that makes a person feel uncomfortable and inconvenient. In addition, the costly PSG will limit number of patients to be tested, especially the people in mid- and low-incomes countries. Studies and development of alternative, out-of-center sleep test (OOC), allowing a person can evaluate and predict a possible OSA at home (Home Sleep Testing or HST) play important role and will help more people to access such healthcare solution and service.
This talk will discuss about possible development Mobile system for an assessment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea at home: socioeconomic considerations in low- and middle-income countries (MOSA). The MOSA uses two kinds of MEMS based sensors: acceleration (for sleep position detection) and acoustic sensor (for measuring tracheal sound) together with machine learning techniques that is the first study for OSA assessment at home using simple such configuration so

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