Congratulations to Master Thi Thuy Van Nguyen's a new journey in Belgium and France.

She is excellent in receiving a PhD scholarship with dual degree in Belgium and France.

International Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (IAD) would like to send congratulations to Master Thi Thuy Van Nguyen – Researcher at IAD, she is starting off the trip of research dual degree in Belgium and France - under supervised Professor Cédric Heuchenne (University of Liège) and Senior Associate Professor Kim Phuc Tran – (University of Lille)

During her time working at Dong A University and IAD, Ms. Van has constantly shown her passion and research ability. Therefore, according to the IAD's human resource training policy, the IAD leadership created favorable conditions to introduce and support Ms. Van to gain a scholarship to do dual degree in France – Belgium, with net salary 2200€/month!

She will conduct PhD thesis with her supervisers Professor Cédric & Senior Associate Professor Phuc with title: “Explainable Anomaly Detection for IoT Multivariate time series data with Machine Learning and Control Chart”. After defending her PhD thesis in France, she will be awarded a French - Belgium dual degree in Applied Informatics with a major in Artificial Intelligence by the University of Lille and the University of Liège. Moreover, within the framework of this thesis, Ms. Van will come to Lille (France) in 2022.

Wishing Ms. Van have much success in the new journey.

Some of her pictures in campus, HEC, University of Liège: