Cooperation in training and supplying human resource of IT, Artificial Intelligence and Data Research

Nal Solutions, Orient Software and Nexle were three businesses just signing in cooperation with Dong A University on practical training, recruiment on IT human resource, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science (AI&DS).

Thank to this cooperation, students of IT, AI, and DS faculties from Dong A University are not only ensured hundred percentage of practical opportunities on their careers ( during 3 semesters) at businesses ( in training period) , but also participated in “long-term project”, which is suitable to the recruiting criteria given by the businesses.  

Indeed, students are trained to develop working skills as well as other requirements built by win-win principles (respect and accept rules that are beneficial for two parties ).

This is the fundamental condition for students to obviously participate in “long-term projects” right there in businesses’s procedures.

“ AI & DS programs of Dong A University are written and taught by qualified lecturers from France, Belgium, and IAD Institution – UAD. Besides academic knowledge obtained in every hour in lecture hall, win-win experiences help students have competitive benefits by owning knowledge and practical experiences when they internship in projects” – MA.Luong Minh Sam – President of University Board of Management. 

Nexle, Orient Software and Nal Solutions and Dong A University will together carry out cooperation in researching training procedure, and quality criteria of Japan model, followed by implementing training for AI & DS students. It is believed that these students will become staff who have ability to create new ideas, solutions based on application of IT and PR foundation for customers.

This cooperation officially opens a new road for youngsters to immediately join in workforce market on IT, AI, DS sectors which is necessary for Japanese human resource market, and Vietnam as well.      

This gets benefit from detailed contracts which training is tightly associated with practical requirements from businesses, and with potential ability to have real job for students after their graduation.

Particularly, a range of activities that businesses join with the university to build training program, stick career module into the lecture as their real demand was mentioned very detailed in MoUs.   

Japanese companies will accept UDA students from the second year of their 4 years study. There will be at least 10- 20 students doing internship and it is priority to recruit students who have an internship term in their businesses yearly.

Sharing in the ceremony, representatives of businesses showed their aspirations to connect enterprises and training institutions not only for recuitment activities but supporting students to understand working procedures innitially. It is definitely necessary to orient students on working disciplines and following procedure.

“Along with Foreign language faculties including English- Japanese- Korean- Chinese, IT , AI, DS are identified as strength faculties at Dong A university in strategy of intergration into the world and competition in Digital era. The university will try to satisfy demand of outstanding human resource in both speciality and foreign language to work for domestic and international enterprises or confidently join in competitive labour market in developed countries” – according to MA. Luong Minh Sam.

On this occasion, Japanese enterprise foundation will announce 10 scholarships for talent, 5 millions Vietnam per each student of AI & DS faculty who have top score of entrance examination in 2020. Until now, Dong A university has successfully cooperated with over 50 enterperises in IT, DS and AI.   


Broaden cooperation helps students have opportunities to get job in Japan immediately after graduation in UDA

Broadening and tightly connecting with organisations by different faculties contributes to the goal of establishing opportunities to develop career skills for students – widely open job’s opportunities ( with more than 6.000 positions) at big domestic and international enterprises for Dong A students every year.

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