Cooperation in training, applied research, scholarships and student recruitment

On June 2, an MOU signing ceremony between Dong A University and Rexil Asia Joitn Stock Company complete successfully

On June 2, Dong A University and Rexil Asia Joint Stock Company officially signed a cooperation agreement on training, applied research, scholarships and career internship programs for students in the fields of Agriculture and Food Technology and Pharmacy.

According to the signed document, the cooperation offers a domestic internship program and the opportunity to prioritize employment right after graduation for students majoring in Agriculture, Food Technology and Pharmacy at Dong A University.

Rexil Asia will also provide curriculum and skills improvement programs according to sector standards of Vietnam and the Netherlands; Implement skills enhancement for students in Vietnam, including specialized English – familiarization with processes and terminology, technical skills and soft skills. Along with that, there is a short-term student and lecturer exchange program with tours, study and career experiences at biotech manufacturing units in the Netherlands, Malaysia and Indonesia.

At the same time, from this cooperation, the Faculty of Food of Dong A University will also coordinate with Rexil Asia experts to carry out applied research in the field for biostimulants for crops and aquaculture.

At the signing ceremony, Rexil Asia also awarded 5 scholarships, each worth 2 million VND, for disadvantaged students majoring in Agriculture, Food Technology and Pharmacy at Dong A University with good academic results. It is known that the scholarships to encourage students in these three training disciplines will be maintained every year.

It is known that the Institute of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Central Highlands together with the Food Faculty of Dong A University are currently chairing the topic "Differentiation of some types of bamboo for the Tre Viet Thematic Cultural Park" in Son Tra district, Da Nang City following the completed project "Production of seaweed biscuits to shape Danang bridges".

Every year, students majoring in Food Technology at Dong A University also regularly participate in the research and production of environmentally friendly products, nutritious foods and support the development of agricultural products for rural farmers such as freeze-dried turmeric powder to separate essential oils, organic vegetable powder for baby weaning, seagrape farming by new methods, dragon fruit wine, etc., competed at national student start-up and scientific research competitions. Agriculture students participate in projects to build IoT systems applied in farm management along with students of Electrical - Electronics and Automation engineering.

<Nguyen Thi Luc>