Dr. Quoc Thong Nguyen

Vice Director - IAD, Dong A University

Dr. Quoc Thong Nguyen

Quoc Thong Nguyen is Vice Director of the International Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (IAD), Dong A University, simutaneously, he is a Data Science researcher at Sofft Industries, France. He received his PhD at University Lille, France on Statistical modeling and applied statistics. His research focuses on regression/forecasting models, machine learning for anomaly detection, deep learning, document authentication, and statistical process control.​

Until now, he has published over 23 research papers in refereed journals in these areas. In addition, he was conference co-chair at ISSAT International Conference on Data Science in Business, Finance and Industry 2019.

Title: Document authentication with microscopic printing


Identifying a forged printed document with scanned evidence can be a challenge. Microscopic printing is showing random shape which depends on the printing source as well as printing material. This paper presents a statistical analysis of the printing patterns under a microscopic scale, analyses the effect of printing direction, printing substrate (uncoated and coated paper), and printing technology (conventional offset, waterless offset, and electrophotography). The analysis shows a negligible effect of printing direction, yet, using the shape descriptor indexes, the printing materials and technologies are distinguishable under a microscopic scale. As a result, the algorithms based on Support Vectors Machine and Random Forest are developed, with shape descriptor indexes as features, for printing source identification. Both proposed algorithms, equally, achieve a high classification accuracy rate, over 92% accuracy with complex geometric-shape patterns. Thanks to the lightweight and efficiency of the Support Vectors Machine, the study shows promising applications for real-world and potential implementation in the Internet of Things devices.

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