Assist. Prof. Thi Hien Nguyen

Visiting Researcher                                                    International Chair member

Assist. Prof. Thi Hien Nguyen

Thi Hien Nguyen is currently Assitant Professor, a lecturer at CY Tech, Paris Cergy University. She received a Ph.D. degree in Mathematics and Applications from the University of Brest (France) in 2017. She got her Master degree in Applied Mathematics in Cachan University, France in 2013.

She is also a researcher of the Internatiolnal Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (IAD), Dong A University since 2018.

During her study, she has been publishing over 10 papers on international journals and proceedings at inetrnational conference.

Research interests:

  • Statistical process control,
  • Hawkes process,
  • Spectral theory of diffusion in the incompressible medium.


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