Importance of Artificial Intelligence in modern life

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been existing around us.

❌❌❌ The Dall-E, ChatGPT or Lensa craze of the past few months has turned AI from something sublime into accessible, simple to apply to life, even for non-computer experts. Soon, AI tools will no longer be a curiosity, but become ubiquitous, used every day as people search on Google.

In fact, AI has been present a lot in the lives of internet users today:

  • Google Translate helps us to understand foreign languages easily and quickly.

Google Translate helps translate French into Vietnames.

  • Virtual personal assistants like Siri and Alexa are used every day to help many people complete related tasks quickly, easily and simply.

Siri - an Apple's virtual assistant for iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS devices. Freephoto: Unsplash

  • Some security cameras today use AI-powered facial recognition software to identify frequent visitors and detect strangers. Time attendance machine also uses AI face recognition software. Consequently, helping businesses eliminate the situation of cheating in timekeeping of employees.

Face recognition technology using AI. Free photo: pixabay

  • Smart cars: can operate without driver, assist safe driving, AI can provide advanced features to help drivers drive safely, monitor vehicles, provide features to protect drives, even manage personal data on the cloud computing to help users change cars in a simple way.

Free photo: unsplash

  • Management of medical records and databases: by examining the data stored in the system, AI can quickly identify symptoms, disease names and appropriate prescriptions for the patient. Patients can also easily know their medical history and condition.

Free photo: Pixabay

  • Or when users shop online, search for tours, etc., AI's intelligent algorithms will perform countless tasks and suggest the most appropriate recommendations to users.

The AI market in 2023 is predicted to grow beyond 50 billion USD. As thousands of companies across many industries continue to create breakthroughs, this will be the pivotal year in which AI can transparently collaborate and share knowledge to reduce risk and promote innovation.