Prof. Ludovic Koehl

Visiting Professor                                                    Senior International Chair member

Professor Ludovic Koehl

Prof. Ludovic Koehl is currently the representative of GEMTEX  in the AGITSI domain office (Automation), Mathematics and Digital Sciences (Graduate School MADIS 631) - Univ. of Lille and also member of the Tex&Care academic chair on the circular economy of fashion, hosted by the Univ. of Lille, France Foundation. 

​Since 2010, Ludovic Koehl has (co)-supervised 22 PhD students. Besides, he has been publishing about 118 papers on international journals or book chapters as well as delivering speech at 100 conferences. He is a Principal Investigator (PI) or co-PI of some distinctive projects such as: 



  • SMDTex (2013-2021) Euro-Asian Joint Doctorate program  (Erasmus Mundus) led by Pr. Xianyi Zeng and funded by the EC; 
  • FBD_BModel (2020): Fashion Big Data Business Model led by Pr. Xianyi Zeng and funded by the EC
  • AICSSHS (2021) : Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Security in Smart Healthcare SystemKim Smart HealthCare System avec Doc.Kim- Phuc Tran, Pr. Ludovic Koehl and Pr. Xianyi Zeng in partnership with Kent Univ., UK
  • AISCOBDE (2021) : Artificial Intelligence for Supply Chain Optimization in the Big Data Era with Pr. Xianyi Zeng, Doc. Kim-Phuc Tran and Ludovic Koehl in partnership with Gent University, Belgium

Research interests:

  • Textile comfort and quality;
  • Modeling and optimization of textile processes and materials;
  • Study of new uses and new purchasing behaviors for textiles;
  • Management and analysis of massive data;
  • Recommendation systems;
  • Traceability;
  • Computer modeling and their applications for the textile industry;
  • Artificial intelligence.

Research gate: