Prof. Xianyi Zeng

Visiting Professor                                                    Senior International Chair member

Professor Xianyi Zeng

Xianyi Zeng is a full professor (exceptional class – grade 2) at ENSAIT Textile Engineer School – University of Lille, France, and Director of the GEMTEX National Laboratory.

He has been an IEEE senior member since 2011 and led the Theme on Human-Machine Systems in GRAISyHM (regional association of Researchers on Automation) since 2013. He has had the French National Knight's title in the Order of the Academic Palms since 2019 and was the holder of the Innovation R&D Award from the France-China Committee, and the EU Key Innovation Team Award from the EU Innovation Radar, both in 2021. He was awarded Top-10 Innovation Leader of Overseas Chinese in Europe in 2022. In ENSAIT, he has been a leader of the Department of Fashion and Service Engineering since 2009.

Xianyi Zeng has published more than 160 papers in peer-reviewed international journals, presented more than 260 papers at international conferences, and supervised more than 40 PhD students. In addition, as a principal investigator, he has led three European projects (Asia-Link: 2004-2008), SMDTex – European Joint Doctorate Program on Textile Sustainable Design and Management (Erasmus Mundus Program: 2013 – 2021), FBD_BModel – Fashion big data and business model (H2020 Program: 2017-2021) and several national and regional research projects such as IOTFetMov (ANR Program: 2015 – 2019), Camille 3D (FUI Program: 2012 – 2015), SUCRE (ARCIR Program: 2013 – 2017) and industrial projects in France and Europe.

Research interests

  • Building interactive and connected digital garment design platforms associated with intelligent services (interactive personalized garment design recommendation systems, fashion knowledge modelling, human emotion modelling, sensory analysis, modelling and simulation of complex manufacturing processes)
  • Textile production and supply chain optimization (product traceability systems, relevant supplier selection, modelling and simulation of flexible and reconfigurable production and supply chain)
  • Development of intelligent wearable systems (intelligent garment design, physiological signal processing, prediction of wearer’s health by learning from physiological data, medical decision support systems)

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