Welcome Dr. Seyedeh Azadeh Fallah Mortezanejad to participate in International Chair and IAD!

Ms. Azadeh is a postdoc researcher at Jiangsu University, China. She attends the International Chair of DS and XAI as a Member and IAD's member as a Visiting Researcher.

Dr. Seyedeh Azadeh Fallah Mortezanejad

IAD is delighted to welcome Dr. Seyedeh Azadeh Fallah Mortezanejad to participate in the Internation Chair of Data Science and Explainable Artificial Intelligence and IAD. In the Chair, she takes responsibility for a Member and she is also a Visiting reseacher at IAD, UDA.

She is currently a postdoc researcher at Jiangsu University, China.

Research interests:

  • Quality control: Defining a sensitive control chart for small undesirable shifts in the manufacturing process for different data types, such as profile and independent multivariate data
  • Maximum entropy and Copula Function: Combining these concepts to approximate the unknown distributions of multivariate data and use them in statistical quality control.
  • Bayesian inference: estimate the unknown joint distribution of unknown parameters by a tractable form of independency using VBA and estimate their covariance matrix.

Dr. Seyedeh Azadeh Fallah Mortezanejad​'s contribution to the Chair and other Chair members will gain new studies about Explainable Artificial Intelligence applications in intelligent wearable systems, manufacturing, and healthcare areas. Her studies and studies at IAD perfectly align to reach Industry 5.0 in the future. 

IAD would like to share more information about Dr. Seyedeh Azadeh Fallah Mortezanejad at: 

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=en&user=3CW6uD0AAAAJ

ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Azadeh-Fallah