There are several reasons why you should choose Dong A University to study.

- Ideal learning environment:

UDA has an open campus located in the center of Da Nang city, with a total floor area of more than 20,000m2, 10 floors with 140 function rooms; Facilities for students include: book library, electronic library, self-study area for students, coffee-book area, football field, etc., which are not inferior to any advanced foreign universities. 

- The training programs are practice-oriented, training majors are diverse and suitable with the trend:

UDA is currently training 1 graduate major, 18 undergraduate majors, transfer, second diploma... The levels and majors of training at the school are very diverse, helping learners to make the right choice. The best way to invest in knowledge, experience in each career stage and lifelong learning.
In particular, 8 high-quality programs in Nursing, Automotive Technology, Control and Automation Engineering, Food Technology, IT, Business Administration, Business Management - Integrated Communication Management, Business Management - Hospitality and Restaurants, Business Administration - Tourism and Travel ... are built and updated with new issues in higher education in advanced countries such as the US, Australia, Japan... 100% of students meeting the output standards committed by the school will be secure a job after graduation.

- Foreign language skills are fully equipped:

At Dong A University, 100% of students can study English, especially English for communicating with foreigners, contributing to building a very important advantage for students upon graduation, as well as opening many job opportunities in joint venture companies, foreign corporations.

- Attractive scholarships, reasonable tuition fees and countless utilities included:

Qualified curriculum in a modern learning space, tuition fees for majors at Dong A University are extremely reasonable compared to the outcomes for students. Students are also supported to optimize your learning through a lot of support activities of the school, in parallel, there are extra-curricular programs organized by the school to improve skills for students, exchange Vietnamese-Japanese, Vietnamese-Korean culture, international student exchange in Thailand, teambuilding at the beginning of the course...

Besiseds, UDA Dong A University spends more than 5 billion VND in scholarships to support new students from the Central-Central Highlands provinces when entering the school. In addition, the Cherry Blossom (Hoa Anh Dao) annual Scholarship fund for study promotion and talent always gives timely support to students who overcome difficulties to study well at the school.

- Employment committment to students after graduation:

With a wide and prestigious network of connections with domestic and international businesses, Dong A University has prepared 3,038 internship and working positions for students each year by signing many strategic cooperation agreements. Cooperation agreement with Route-Inn, 7-Eleven, Zénsho, LEOC (Japan), WBS AG, Leonardis, Azurit (Germany), Empire Inc Holdings (Singapore)... to establish development opportunities professional skills and open the door to jobs outside Vietnam in the direction of global integration for students of all majors.

With all the above reasons, Dong A University is the school that nurtures and transmits positive energy to help students have enough knowledge, skills and motivation to turn their career dreams into reality in reach of hand.

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